Mars Announces “The Voice” of the 2020 Tour

Mars Announces “The Voice” of the 2020 Tour


Tuscola, IL (January 10, 2020) – The Mars Dirt Car Series would like to announce Tyson Graves as the series announcer for the 2020 season. Tyson is currently the weekly race announcer at Farmer City Raceway, he also announces with the Midwest Stock Car Tour. Tyson has recently helped Series promoter Tony Izzo Jr. prepare for the upcoming season. Tyson is also the Co-Founder and Content Manger at Racing Performance Media. His experience behind the mic will help enhance the Mars Series on track product in 2020.

Tony Izzo Jr, the Mars Dirt Car Series owner, is excited to have Tyson as the new announcer saying “It’s a no brainer to have Tyson as the voice of the Series, he is energetic and being involved in the everyday ins and outs of the series makes for a great fit!”

“I could not be more excited about this opportunity given to me by such a great promoter like Tony. It has been a dream of mine for some time to announce premier late model events in the Midwest. As an eight year old boy playing with hot wheels and pretending to announce races I never knew that my love and passion for the sport would take me to where I am today. I am very blessed and can’t wait for the season to get underway” Tyson stated.

Tyson comes from a rich background of race announcing. His love for racing comes from his family’s roots in the central Illinois racing scene. His Uncle Mike Graves was the announcer at Charleston Speedway in Charleston, Illinois for well over 30 years. Mike also announced at the Vermilion County Speedway outside of Danville, IL for a time. Tyson recalls, “I remember a time about five years ago after an event at the Charleston Speedway. This was one the final times my uncle was behind the mic regularly, he said we need to get you behind the mic one these days. I laughed and said I’ve always wondered what it would be like. A year or two later I auditioned and got the job announcing a few shows with the Midwest Stock Car Tour.”

Filling a void left by the departure of current Fairbury Speedway announcer Mike Norris, Tyson was given the opportunity to announce on a weekly basis at the Farmer City Raceway. This was not long after joining the Midwest Stock Car Tour. Mike and Tyson met the previous year. When Mike decided to scale back his announcing to only Fairbury Tyson was one of the few on his short list of recommendations to take over at Farmer City. Tyson states, “Being behind the mic on a weekly basis at a premier track like Farmer City has been like a dream come true.” Even with joining the Mars Series this coming year, Tyson will still announce on a weekly basis calling all the action of “Friday Night Lights. Lance Spieker, the promoter at Farmer City, is excited for Tyson and supports his endeavors. In 2020 two of the premier Mars Series events will take place at Farmer City Raceway.

The Mars Dirt Car Series will release its complete 2020 schedule this coming weekend during the Midwest Speed Expo at the Springfield, IL Fairgrounds. Some dates have been announced via social media but the finalized list of events will be revealed at the Expo.

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