Tanner English Wins At Brownstown Speedway

Tanner English Wins At Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown Speedway – Aug. 19, 2017- Tanner English wins his 11th MARS East Race, 6 in a row.

(FSR Raditors and Racing Products) Fastest time goes to Jeffery Wilson.

(Full Throttle Race Parts) Heat race winner #1 Jeffery Wilson, 2nd Trip Gerrald, 3rd Tanner English, 4th Adam Bowman, 5th is Tory Collins and 6th Steve Godsey.

(Hoosier Racing Tires) Heat race winner #2 Chad Stapleton, 2nd Devin Gilpin, 3rd Wayne Chinn, 4th Victore Lee, 5th Jon Baker, 6th Jeff Simonton.

(Henryetta Ford) Heat race winner #3 Cody Mahoney, 2nd Caleb Ashby, 3rd Jared Bailey, 4th Matt Bex, 5th Nathan Vawter, 6th Austin Mills.

(Pem Racing Gears) Redraw consist of 3 heat winners, 1st Cody Mahoney, 2nd Chad Stapleton, 3rd Jeffrey Wilson.

(Fast Shaft/ Drive Shafts) Feature starting on the pole was Cody Mahoney leading until lap 13, when Tanner English came from 7th place to run side by side for the next 7 laps, taking the lead on lap 20. On lap 22 Cody Mahoney passed Tanner English for 1 lap, until English took over on lap 24, leading the rest of the 30 lap race. Chad Stapleton, Victor Lee, Adam Bowman, Jeffrey Wilson and Devin Gilpin battled side by side for most of the race, running 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, until Devin Gilpin made contact with a lap car and flipped several times off of turn one on lap 27. On the restart English, Mahoney, Stapleton, Lee and Gerrald were single file. English crossed the finish line 1st, followed by 2nd Cody Mahoney, 3rd Victor Lee ( PPM Racing Products) Hard Charger Award, 4th Adam Bowman and Trip Gerrald was 5th.

Prayers go out to Devin Gilpin and his family. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

(PPM Racing Products) Hard charger award Victor Lee

West Side

Next Race Friday Aug 25, 2017 Granite City Speedway 5000 to win 400 to start. Saturday Aug 26, 2017 I55 Speedway 5000 to win 400 to start.

We would like to Thank our sponsors for 2017 season.

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