Tanner English win at Clarksville Speewday

Tanner English win at Clarksville Speewday

Clarksville Speedway -Aug 12 2017 – Tanner English Captures another Victory in 2017 with the Mars Racing Series East to make 7 in a row and his 12th of the year.

(FSR Raditors and Racing Products) Fastest time goes to Tanner English.

(Dan Olson Racing Products) Heat race winner #1 Tanner English (96), 2nd Clayton Miller (8E) , 3rd Don Young (41) , 4th Credence Mott (89), 5th Fred Perry (0).

 (Five Star Race Car Bodies) Heat race winner #2 Terry English(33), 2nd Dustin Rollins (9G),  3rd Chris Shelton (16), 4th Jeremy Anderson (89), 5TH Jeff Watson (DNS)

(Landrum Perforance Spring) Heat race winner #3 Caleb Ashby (61)  2nd Larry Greer (9GR), 3rd Jeffrey Bailey(j12) 4th Ronnie Choate(8P), 5th Richard Froest (15) DNS

(VP Racing Fuel) Feature Starting on the pole was Terry English and outside Front roll Was Tanner English.  Tanner English jump out front and held the lead and lead for the whole race.   Terry English and Caleb Ashby battle for the 2nd spot and Clayton Miller running for 4th. When is the way they will round out the top three spots,  1st Tanny English 2nd Terry English 3rd Caleb Ashby 4th Clayton Miller 5th Dustin Rollings . go to http://www.marsracingseries.com for the rest of the finishing order.

(PPM Racing Products) Hard charger award  Jeff Watson

East Side

Next Race Saturday Sept.30, 2017 Clarksville Speedway 1500 to win 200 to start. 

We would like to Thank our sponsors for 2017 season.

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