Mars Sanctioning Dropped from Hall of Fame Classic

Mars Sanctioning Dropped from Hall of Fame Classic


Burbank, IL (August 4, 2020) – After much discussion and research as to what would be the best scenario for this weekend’s event, the Mars Racing Series and Brownstown Speedway officials have agreed to drop the Mars sanctioning. For this event we felt in order to not only get the most support of the racers but also keep the cost down for the current regulars who support the speedway that it would be best to let them do this event unsanctioned.

Mars Series President Tony Izzo Jr said “We have to be aware that we all need to do whatever we can to make events a success. We are excited about the remainder of our schedule with the Farmer City addition and two-day Peoria weekend later this month.”

The Mars Series has a healthy schedule over the next month with a spectacular closing weekend at Farmer City and Fairbury.

Current Remaining Schedule

Friday August 28th Peoria Speedway $5,000 to win

Saturday August 29th Peoria Speedway $5,000 to win

Sunday August 30th Bullring at East Moline $5,000 to win

Thursday September 3rd Farmer City Raceway $5,000 to win

Friday September 4th Farmer City Raceway $5,000 to win

Saturday September 5th Fairbury Speedway $10,000 to win

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