Tire Rules

Tire Penalties and Infractions

Tire Testing and Alterations of Tires Chemical alterations of any tires are strictly prohibited. NO tire softeners or conditioners which alter the chemical compound of the tire will be permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, tire soaking, tire conditioners, rolled on tire prep, internal applications or the use of tread softeners. This will be strictly enforced.

Tire tested 700 ppm in post-race tech will be tested maximum 2 more times in 10 minute window from initial test.  A tire that falls below that 700 ppm in 2nd or 3rd test will be passed.  A tire failing all 3 test will be considered contaminated and disqualified.  This ruling may be protested by driver or car owner only and requested to have samples cut and sent to laboratory for full analysis at car owner or drivers expense.  Cost for this protest will be $150 and must be paid to Mars Officials.  An sampled of Tire must be in Officials hand before car leaves the tech area.

Testing Procedures

Mars Dirt Car Series reserves the right to confiscate any competitor’s tires at any time during any event without advance notice. Failure to relinquish said tires is considered an admission of guilty and will result in an immediate disqualification and the competitor will be penalized by the tire prep penalty guidelines of the Mars Dirt Car Series.

Any driver who registers for a Mars Dirt Car Series event agrees to follow all tire testing procedures, rules, and policies. These guidelines are non-negotiable and non-appeal able. The driver’s 24 participation indicates that he/she is in full agreement and will comply fully with said tire rule, testing procedures, policies, and penalties.

The tire will be removed from the car and remain on the wheel. This action will be observed by a team member and a series official. A team member will accompany the series official and the tire in question to the Mars Dirt Car Series trailer.

Samples- There will be three samples taken during the tire test. The driver and team receive one and the series retains two. All samples are placed in tamper proof containers and proper documentation is signed with a third party witness as well. Sample one will be over-night ed to the laboratory and sample two will be retained by the series. Sample three is given to the driver and team.

All money and awards may be retained until tire test information become available approximately two weeks after the event.

If sample is found to be good. Driver will be immediately informed and will be paid money owed promptly.

If sample is bad, the driver is subject to the following: Samples #2 (series second sample) and #3 (driver’s sample) will be sent to the lab. Should either of those samples be identified as a “bad” sample the driver will face the following:

First offense: All money earned from the event in question must be returned. $2500 fine paid in full. 60 days Suspension from all Mars Dirt Car Series events. 200 point deduction. Violator will assume all cost including the tire testing procedure. Second Offense: $5000 fine paid in full. All money that may have earned must be returned. A one year suspension with the loss of all points accumulated by the date of the violations occurrence. The suspension will begin after all fines/penalties have been paid.