Championship Points Info

MARS DIRT car Series Championships Points:

After talking to most drivers, we have come up with what we think is fair for the racer and series to be more of a working man/or woman racing series:

All drivers MUST have 100% attendance to receive a two race drop from the championship point run. The way it will work is the first and second race you miss we will give you show up points (35). Races must be reported to MARS DIRT car Series official 14 days before the races that they will miss. (Can Not Run any other Seires on the nights off) If for any reason weather or race is canceled, you (the racer) may not change the date to benefit you. At the end of the points season they will be the ones you drop. If you run all the races you will drop your two worst finishes of the year. If you miss more than two you not be eligible for money or prizes at banquet.

We will not let anyone drop shows after the fact you must let William Scogin (931-538-8448), Erik Grigsby (309-357-2456) or Chris Scogin (931-801-6071) know for the West Division – William Scogin (931-538-8448), Shane Bailey (931-510-9348) or Mike Hobson (812-675-0004) for the East division if you are missing any race so we keep it fair to all racers. If you miss the first and second races of the year and show up for the third race we will go back and put show up points so that you can drop them. You the racer must keep MARS DIRTcar Series official aware of 2 races that the show up points will be used for.

MARS DIRTcar Series Official:


Chris Scogin: 931-801-6071

Erik Grigsby: 309-357-2456

Mike Hobson: 812-675-0004



Shane Bailey: 931-510-9348

Amy Bailey: 931-787-9480

Mike Hobson: 812-675-0004