Logan Martin win Springfield Raceway

Logan Martin win Springfield Raceway

Springfield Raceway – September 16th 2017- Logan Martin wins seconds MARS race of the year.

(FSR Raditors and Racing Products) Fastest time went to Logan Martin at 12.603.

(Quickcar Race Products) Heat race winner #1 Logan Martin, 2nd Tim Manville, 3rd Mason Oberkramer,(GRT Race Cars Rookie of the year) 4th Dustin Mooneyham, 5th Dustin Walker, 6th Brandon Mitchell, 7th Jon Driskill, 8th Rob Powell. The top 4 transferred to the A Main.

(Hoosier Racing Tires) Heat race winner #2 Payton Looney, 2nd Cole Wells, 3rd Jeff Roth, 4th Kaeden Cornell, 5th Robby Moore, 6th Kanyan Methvin, 7th Nathan Mayes. Top 4 transferred to the A Main.

(Henryetta Ford) Heat race winner #3 Raymond Merrill,  2nd Joe Godsey From Indiana (GRT Race Cars Rookie of the year points leader), 3rd Joseph Gorby, 4th Dillon Rupe, 5th Lynn Jones, 6th Josh Poe, 7th Bobby Maggard, 8th Michael Maggard. Top 4 transferred to the A Main.

(Clarksville Gun And Archery) Heat race race winner #4 Tony Jackson (Midwest Sheet Metal Points Leader), 2nd Scott Crigler, 3rd Jacob Magee, 4th Don Cloyd, 5th Chuck Comer, 6th Lane Ehlert, 7th Jeremy Manes, 8th Garrett Merrell. Top 4 transferred to A Main.

(VP Racing Fuel) B Main race winner Dustin Walker, 2nd Kanyan Methvin, 3rd Robby Moore, 4th Chuck Comer, 5th Lane Ehlert, 6th Josh Poe, 7th Lynn Jones, 8th Jon Driskill, 9th Rob Powell, 10th Brandon Mitchell, 11th Bobby Maggard, 12th Jeremy Manes. Top 4 transferred to the A Main.

MARS Provisionals Brandon Mitchell and Jeremy Manes. 

(Fast Shaft/ Drive Shafts) Tony Jackson (Midwest Sheet Metal Points Leader) and Payton Looney started on the front row after the heat wins and the (PPM Racing Gears) redraw. Payton Looney jumped to the lead followed by Tony Jackson and Logan Martin. Martin raced to 2nd place on the 2nd lap. Payton Looney had a flat tire while leading on the 7th lap to bring out the 1st caution of the night. On the restart 1st place was Logan Martin, 2nd was Tony Jackson, 3rd Joe Godsey, 4th Tim Manville & 5th Cole Wells. On lap 8, Joe Godsey passed Tony Jackson for 2nd while Logan Martin continues to lead the race, until lap 12 when the caution came out for a flat tire on the 12 car, Raymond Merrill. On the restart on lap 13, 1st place was Logan Martin, 2nd was Joe Godsey, 3rd was Tony Jackson, 4th was Tim Manville & Cole Wells entered the top 5, until lap 20 the 3rd place car Tony Jackson had a flat tire which brought out the caution. Starting on lap 21, Logan Martin is 1st, Joe Godsey ran 2nd, Cole Wells was 3rd, Tim Manville ran 4th, followed by Scott Crigler in 5th. On lap 22 Cole Wells passed Joe Godsey for 2nd place while Logan Martin is still leading the race. On lap 24 Joe Godsey & Tim Manville are battling it out for 3rd place. Logan Martin crosses the line 1st on lap 30, Cole Wells 2nd, Joe Godsey 3rd, Tim Manville was 4th and finishing your top 5 was Dustin Walker (PPM Race ProductsHard Charger Award. Rounding out the top 10 would be Payton Looney, Scott Crigler, Kaeden Cornell, Robby Moore & Jacob Magee.

(PPM Racing Products) Hard charger award Dustin Walker who started 17th & finished in 5th place.

(Midwest Sheet Metal)  Point Leader Tony Jackson Jr.

(GRT Race Cars Rookie of the Year)  Points Leader Joe Godsey

West side next events are Thur, Oct. 5th, 2017 @ Springfield Raceway. $3044.00 to win, $444.00 to start.

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